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Siberian Huskies and Shiba Inu

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For fifty years, Kortar Kennels has been dedicated to producing the finest quality purebred Siberian Huskies and Shiba-Inus. 

Located near Kemptville, Ontario, Canada (30 km south of Ottawa, about 380 km from Toronto, 215 km from Montreal) we ship worldwide.

CKC Recognition of 50 Years Dedicated Service


A Strong Pedigree

  • 2016 Pets + Us Breeder of the Year Award (Link)

  • 2013  #5  Shiba Inu in Canada

  • Top female Shiba Inu and #2 overall Shiba Inu in Canada 2012

  • Top female, #1 puppy,#2 and 3 overall Shiba Inu in Canada in 2011

  • Top female Shiba Inu and #4 Shiba Inu in Canada 2010 

  • 2009  #1 Puppy, #1 female and #5 and #7 overallBorn 6 April 1997 out of Whi Mak's Macho Man at Kortar and Ch Galena Creek's Sundancer.CGC    She was trained at the Manotick  Guide Dog School followed by Special Needs training in Oakville.  She worked with a blind autistic child helping him achieve his high school diploma. Shiba Inu  in Canada

  • 2008  #1 Black and Tan, #1 and #2 Female, #5 and #6 Shiba Inu in Canada

  • National CKC Pedigree Breeder of the Year

  • National CKC Pedigree Community Service Award, 1997

  • Over 300 Champions in Conformation

  • Titled Champions in Obedience Competition

  • 30 International and Multinational titled dogs

  • Top Siberian Husky, U.S., 1993

  • Top Siberian Husky and Working Dog, Mexico

  • Canada's First International and Vice-World Champions

  • over 50 International Siberian Husky Club awards

  • Oregon Dune Mushers Team of the Year, 1996

  • Home of the 2001 Disney hit movie, Snow Dogs stars "Bambam" and "Gloria"

  • Twice winner of Mulit-purposed SHCC Ward Young Award

  • #3 Shiba-Inu in Canada, 2003! #5 Shiba-Inu in 2000

  • Bred for temperment, used in pet therapy

  • Special need for announcing seizures and autistic child companion

  • Hip and Eye Certified, Temperament Tested and CKC Canine Good Neighbour

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